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Popping my head in


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Hello chaps!


I realize I have not been too active here lately, but I'll be returning more often from now on and play Arma 3. What can I say, been busy and GTAV was released, so what is nerd to do with so little time and so much awesomeness?


I will try to participate in the next game night event :)


Also, my building just got connected to a brand new spanking fiber connection, reducing the old coax to trash. About time. I've known about this for some time, and I've prepared my self a physical server that I will host stuff on, so If you need extremely fast hardware and a 100mbit connection to host game night on while I'm not about, give me a shout and I'l see what I can do about giving some of you that I know admin access to the operation system :)


PS: don't be alarmed about the server name, I was not sure if I could call it an ahoy world server so I'm using my other crews name on it so that players know where to contact and admin. We are not a serious bunch, just 3 slightly mental guys that have no intention of stealing any players or anything like that, AW comes first :)


Se ya'll around! 

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Thank you! Saw few known faces on TS the other day, you all busy with real life?


I was busy the last few weeks but I am around a lot more now.  I think Raz is working nights this week and Jester has a big workload for the next few weeks.

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