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Ban Appeal


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Hi everyone,


Today I got BE: Admin Ban on all Ahoy servers because of a lot of TKs. 

arma3 2013-10-15 14-48-09-58.bmp

I know that it will sound absurd but it looked damn bugged to me. Strangely my name appeared after the words "... was killed by ..." then someone or something were raping the spawn while I was calmly sat inside the grounded transport chopper with the engines off. I was not lagging at the moment (45 ping and around 300+ bandwidth) and played for about 3 hours on this server as a pilot before THIS happened. 


Understand it sounds strange but that exactly what happened.  :unsure:


I'm the big fan of Arma series and Arma 3 supporter, played since OFP Demo and on Ahoy servers since Arma 3 Alpha, so it would be too childish and silly for me to do something like that... even by a mishap. 


I'll leave this to your consideration.


I promise next time to use Fraps, will be easier to prove myself.


Thank you.


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