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Helicopter Procedures

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Hello all.


I'm new in the Arma series. The main reason that i want to start play Arma is helicopter. I used flight simulations for 10 years. I know how to fly helicopters. And i got joystick and rudder pedals as well. But i want to know how to be a helicopter pilot in Arma. What must i do in missions. I flew few times in game as a pilot. I know that the transporting people is the main goal and that's what i want. I want to learn procedures in Arma like what must i do before takeoff and when approaching the aerodrome for landing. I don't wan to be a noob pilot so want to learn all the things i must do in missions. Regards.



P.S. Sorry if i made a mistake. English is not my native language.

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Hey Montrama!


Public servers don't have many rules for pilots, all you need to do is pick good LZ's, not get shot down and to keep on transporting troops.


Don't listen to troops if they suggest an LZ you do not like, always trust your own judgement.


Good luck and keep practising

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