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warning by admin


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Well i was warned by Zissou not to join on TS and tell them to ban people.


Thats that.


But what other option do i have? The guy in question wasn´t listening to my advice to leave the vehicle to be airlifted. So he ran me over in his marshall tank.


That´s teamkilling.


Then Zissou joined after being contacted by my on TS. But nobody else responded to his questions in the game.


Just let me know how i can react to this situation.


I was online on TS eu#1 the whole time.




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That player turned out to be a good teamplayer at last.


But how should i know?


Only option i have as a player is to go for the TS and ask for admins.


I thought that was the plan.


Why do i get a warning for that?

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Hi rotten,


I think its never a good idea to tell a admin to ban people, its up to the admin to ban/kick or leave them. 

I also think that you are completely in your right to ask a admin to help you, they are admins and that's what admins are for, they choose for it themselves. If admins never want to help you than they should not be a admin.


To be honest I never had trouble finding a admin when I needed some help. Just ask for some help and let them play the judge  :)


Hope to see you on the battlefield Rotten.


Just my 2 cents :unsure:

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Thing is, we can't take the word of people we may not know. For all us admins know, you could want this guy kicked or banned because you have some sort of personal vendetta against him.


And he only ran you over once. Okay, might have been on purpose, might have been an accident (the admins weren't there so we can't know for sure) but the phrase innocent until proven guilty is a good mantra to follow. Because if we banned at the sight of '(friendly fire)' in chat, then anyone who accidentally shot someone at the AO, a helo going down, etc, would all get banned and that's hardly fair now is it?


You don't tell an admin to do his job, they should be doing it anyways and they normally have final say on issues. If Ziz didn't judge running you over one time with him not seeing it, then it doesn't warrant any action, and that's that.

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Okay here's what actually happened:

I was with hoax laforte cain archangel sheep danny and a few others in the pvp server, looked at my second monitor and saw that i'd been poked by rotten.

This was his message "you need to ban player x on eu2 he's teamkilling"

So firstly i go up to the eu2 ts channel and there is no one there so I go over to the server to check it out. 

Rotten is playing the game as normal 

The player in question is playing the game as normal 

I asked in side (text and voice) was there teamkilling going on? No response, so that's a no

The player in question was kicked by battleye for high ping and I went to rotten (in game, direct as he wasn’t answering I had to teleport in front of him several times) to explain the situation.

He then joined teamspeak saying he’d been there all along

I never warned rotten to stay off teamspeak rather i asked him why he hadn't bothered to use the speak function of teamspeak to talk to an admin?

Demanding that an admin immediately ban another player without making any effort to explain the situation in the manner that rotten did, made me think that a mountain was being made of a molehill (as was the case).

This is the issue that irked me the fact that rotten didn't talk to an admin (as is advised in game every few minutes) in teamspeak he simply demanded that a player who "didn't follow his advice" be banned, not kicked, banned!  

As to telling someone not to join teamspeak everyone who knows me will know I’ll talk the hind legs off a dead horse and have time for anyone who plays with us.

The warning I gave was for crying wolf, not even making a token effort to qualify the issue and the manner in which he reported the issue and then made it exceptionally difficult to get to the bottom of the situation which turns out that he simply wanted the other player off the server for not listening to his advice.

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here is my input on this.


Rotten - you did the right thing contacting an admin.


But as Cain has said, we cannot just ban someone from "word of mouth" from another player.


Zissou came to server and no one backed up the question of "was there TKing going on"?


Now on this perspective, if YOU were an admin, would you have taken action on the player?


I do not doubt what you are saying of what occured. But then again, if I had to put all my money on if you were told not to come on teamspeak or not, I would put my money on zissou that he never told you that. You may have misinterpreted what he was telling you as something else since he did not react to your request and thus think he was taking sides, which he wasn't.


Our admins are hand selected by the core staff, with backing from our other admins. These individuals do not/try not to ... abuse their powers or take sides.


I just think this is a misunderstanding of the situation/outcome. Please by all means, do not feel you cannot join our teamspeak server and ask for help and/or just hang out and chat. This is not the case. If zissou does in fact threaten you or do what you allege he did, i will personally put a boot in his ass.  

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