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Now we only need a carrier..


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The Nimitz is a cool addons, it's a shame the author hasn't finished it fully
by the way although you've probably found out already, the lifts work to store planes below deck, if you use the All in Arma mod and drop some tractors above and below use a tow script, I think ones included in the Nimitz file, you can the move planes around on board, also there an armoury lift for a tractor between the 2 cats that can have ammo crates added, you then have to drive a tractor to the lift go below deck load the tractor and return to flight deck to re-arm the planes lots of realism fun, also near the aft/midship below deck there's a crane for launching and picking up RHIBs

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I was just thinking about this last night! with the year being set in the future they have 2/3 options for carriers that they will hopefully think about if/when they release a DLC for F35, I've been reading up on this last night in my break. Very interesting stuff


1. Queen Elisabeth class

a. with EMALS (a replacement for steam catapults) housing the F-35C, carrying a larger payload but no vertical landing however the EMALS proved too expensive in development so the British royal navy opted out

b. with F-35B using STOVL, Smaller payload but with vertical landing, this design is cheaper but sacrificing the awesome CATOBAR (Catapult Assisted Take Off But Arrested Recovery) that



2. Ford Class Carrier, American design using EMALS like the Elisabeth class but the Americans have more balls so actually developed this one. No STOVL but F-35C + F18 + loads of other awesome aircraft capable of lifting from here



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