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Constant game crashes (possible fix)


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Hi been trawling the forums trying to find anything regards the crashes, nothing confirmed by BI about it but most are reporting failures due to physx3_x86 which was an issue at one point in Alpha too

Suggest everyone try updating their directx software and see if crashes continue

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I've had multiple consistent reports of, as well as personally experienced, BattleEye regularly going crazy and murder-spreeing half the server population regularly. like every hour and a half or so, by some accounts. Just a sudden, massive purge of 10 to 20 players. Not sure if that's exactly what this thread is about, but I thought I'd mention it in here.

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I think people see physx and scream Nvidia for the sake of it, I run an ati card so only physx files are the ones in dx

Not sure if the BE kicks are related they seem to vary in type from the usual steam ticket to corrupt data #3 and anything in between, maybe BE feels left out that there no GTA5 yet and wants to go on a killing sprees

Has anyone other the then Stuffedsheep king of high ping had crashes on acre since BE is switched off there, I had a few on the weekend but I found 450mb of files needed to re-verify haven't been back on it since Sunday morning.

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