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[Suggestion] Squads and Spawns


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Just putting it out there for future development.


Spawn squads slightly apart, to encourage them to stick together.


As it is, it's a free-for-all to board any helicopter, and results in an unorganized swarm of mix-matched soldiers. 


If squads spawned even just 100m apart or different area of the airbase, it would encourage a bit more squad-sized teamwork and a little less swarming.



Pilots can only do so much by selecting different landing zones, we can't tell players which helicopters to board in order to stay with their squad.


Not saying complete segregation as that is unrealistic.


As a pilot, the most fun I've had on I&A is when I am working with a squad that is sticking together. Not general transport of whoever boards the helicopters, to a random location of my choosing (which is how it usually is).


The reality is that in public servers, there is a lack of vocal squad leadership. This can be fixed if a player enters the server that is effective at commanding a squad, but the reality is that that does not happen 95% of the time. 




How to implement:


* I'd like to see a 3-5 minute transition period between AOs, where players are encouraged to RTB and re-arm, and plan the next assault, maybe get a soda and have a restroom break too (you get the idea).


* Squad separation has no effect on communication due to the radio system, but would encourage players to stick with their squad, select their own landing zone. 


* Put one transport helicopter and one pilot spawn point at each of those locations, to informally assign pilots to a particular squad. With support teams like Snipers/Spotters/Arty spawning at a separate location with a smaller transport heli like the MH-9. 





The above also has the indirect benefit of isolating teamkilling/griefing events, since all 40+ players are not clumped together in one area, but spread out slightly over 3-4 locations. Helicopters would not be grouped together for easy ramming/trolling either. 





One reason for the above, which has a relatively large impact on the gameplay, is how the important Medics and AT soldiers can end up clumped together and are often not where they are required. A mix-matched squad of 15+ players exiting a Mohawk in the AO can end up with no Medics or AT soldiers. In the current mission with plenty of enemy tanks and helicopters, that is often a death sentence. 


The above proposal would nudge some of the less-communicative squad members to stick with their squads.






my posts are too long


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my posts are too long

Negative. Keep em coming. Nothing might come out of them, but The people making changes to the mission are definitly reading them and making considerations. If your solution is not used its definitly letting us know what the issues are so we can work out a solution that works for us

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