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[Suggestion] Vehicle changes


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Change suggestions 



T-100 & Slammer


I have noticed people are constantly hijacking opfor T-100 tanks during missions and often results in unintentional teamkilling. Both factions should remain in there own colors for easy identification, thus i propose adding two slammer tank spawns in HQ with decent spawntimer.



Ghosthawk & Little bird


I suggest ghosthawk as reward equipment and replace it with another little bird. It is good helicopter for being operated by non-pilots during aerial transportation jams (which tends to happen often). The miniguns on ghost hawk simply do not serve any real purpose during missions against current heavy enemy air defenses.







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I agree with this somewhat.


Here are some vehicle amendments I'd make:



1. Re-place the 4th pilot slot. Three pilots stretches a full server thin re transportation, especially since addition of Close Air Support assets like AH-9, AH-99 and A-143. Often-times, one pilot will be doing this role, leaving only 2 pilots shuttling 40 people around the island.


As a frequent pilot, I often notice there are few air transport assets to spare for Side Missions, unless a non-pilot is flying.



2. Lock players out of ALL enemy vehicle assets.


Make up for this by considering 1-2 MBT spawn points at base. (maybe 1x M2 Slammer and 1x Cheetah, or 2x Slammers). Compensate by removing either the Marshall or Panther.




3. Side mission vehicle de-spawns.


Currently after a side mission is completed, the vehicle stays on the island and does not de-spawn. After 10-20 side mission cycles, this causes server performance degredation due to dozens of tanks sitting idle around the island.




4. Remove the AH-9 Pawnee or replace it with a second MH-9, or even a long-respawn AH-99. 


As a pilot, I have to say the AH-9 is combat ineffective with the current OPFOR anti-air assets. It is only useful once the fight is done, to mop up any remaining infantry. That is not a problem on its own, but considering it (IMO) wastes a pilot slot and leaves 37+ players to find transport on maximum 2 helicopters, this is unacceptable for such a useless air asset. 


If you want to keep the Pawnee as a valuable asset, consider reducing the effectiveness or number of enemy AA Specialist soldiers. 


As a pilot I do not mind taking precautions against enemy armor (ie. not giving assistance with the AH-9 while enemy AA armor still active), but when the last few OPFOR in the AO can include the devastating AA missile specialists, the AO is a no-go flight area until after most combat is over.


Yes contrarians will argue it is possible to dodge rockets with the AH-9, they and I both know that is usually not how the story ends. Even the best pilots are extremely apprehensive about giving Close Air Support in the AH-9, to any extent, due to the number/effectiveness of enemy AA specialists.


All it is useful for is taking out enemy helicopters, I will concede it is handy for that. 





Also consider some different side objectives, like the Convoy/Rescue/Capture ones, where the purpose isn't "go here and blow up X". 






If the M4 Scorcher arty piece is in the game, I also think Radio Tower location should not be marked on the map. Oftentimes, the ARTY operator will destroy it within seconds of the AO appearing, making it a broken aspect of the game. I enjoy the Radio Tower being connected with enemy reinforcements. ie. if radio tower not destroyed, enemy will keep respawning/reinforcing current positions. That was a fun dynamic. 







The above became a little rambling, but I've played I&A quite abit and the above are a few minor gripes.


All in all, its a very polished game mode and great fun to play.

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