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Joint-Ops:13th M.E.U., JTF2, and Ahoy World


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Once again, thanks to this community (and it's higher ups) for supporting my crazy fever dreams.


Today, I got the formal go-ahead to further organize a Joint Op consisting of Ourselves and Joint Task Force 2.


Specifics and details are sketchy, and I will update this thread as information develops, but right now I will give you the bare bones stuff:


-It's about a month out

-I'm shooting for a weekend, preferably a Saturday, as near to Noon US CST as possible

-I'm doing my best to negotiate as few Mods as possible (but will be trying to get ACRE on)

-Given the numbers, and specialties the other groups have to offer, we will be providing a supporting role (I'm thinking Air transport, CAS, UAV, and maybe a special forces group or something... I'm not sure yet), while JTF2 offers us an Armor and Infantry. 


So, What I need here right now, since we don't have an official date yet, is a show of who is interested in attending such an event, and what they'd like to be doing in the game.


Lastly, I ask that all of us, interested in the Joint Op or not, be respectful of everyone else. I don't think I have to say it, we are all generally really cool dudes, but just to err on the side of caution, lets remember our good manners, folks.


(Edit: Changes to Billet)

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Ok. Good news and bad news. Good news is we've hashed stuff out, and should have an exact time and date by this Thursday.

Bad news is there's only room for 10 of us.:(

Billet for Ahoy to fill:

2 UAV Pilots

1 pilot

1 co-pilot/rifleman

1 medic

1 repair specialist

1 squad leader

1 marksman

1 riflemen

1 explosives specialist

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Me first, since I' up in the middle of the ferecking night!





Wait 10 slots?  You need to re-negotiate? Whose server is hosting?



Tell em to freak off......whose servers are top billet?



UAV Pilot? Even Raz could handle that!


Son, you and I need a weekend in Vegas to learn ya!


You are not a poker player are ya? ;) 

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Have to agree to be honest! Seems a bit hash we're only getting an offering of 10 slots for our community. Of which doesn't even seem to be a squad. Surely we'd want to represent somewhat as AW-R which would mean us being squaded up together?!

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Okay, so first thing, I'd like to say I'm really sorry that this mission will only afford us 10 spots. Its the result of a couple of factors, as I said earlier, like ArmA only reasonably supporting about 60 players, as well as the fact that, despite being the organizing force behind this endeavor, we here at Ahoy are the smallest of the three groups (by far). Claims of servers supporting 100+ players are suspect, and would probably be a "set 50 dudes here, 50 dudes there and let them shoot each other" scenario. Scripts, AI, and map size mean were gonna shoot for 60 peeps total.

let's talk about the other Group:

JTF2 is a much larger group, numbering in the 300's. They have dedicated Air combat elements, as well as an armored division. They will be providing us with a detachment of armor manned by 15 of their folks. They do not run ACRE, but are looking into it, so we're gonna try to have them implement it for the op.

Ahoy will be running a small team, somewhat independent of the main platoon, for a number of reasons, and will consist of a SF team and 2 UAV CAS operators.

There will be 1 head Honcho. If you want the consideration, let me know. The mission commander will be responsible for all 3 groups and all that jazz, so more power to you if you want to try and take the role, but know that there'll probably be others in the other two groups who want the position, so it'll probs be a rock paper scissor situation.

(And if you want the CAS UAV operator slot, you need to be experienced using the Laser Guided Bombs and communicating with ground units)

hmm.... I wonder if I'm missing anything.

Ask away, questions, comments and concerns here and now all help me spot potential problems sooner than later, so I appreciate the responses.

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