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[Aug 5, 2012] Meeting of Minds II (TeamSpeak 3)


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We're coming up worryingly quickly to our second Meeting of Minds. Happening at 19:00 GMT tomorrow (5th August 2012), everyone's invited to come and pitch in on Ahoy World's direction. Here's the current agenda.

  • Dedicated Server
    • Management
    • What games we will be using it for?
      • Minecraft
      • Tekkit
      • Assetto Corsa
      • ArmA III (and II?)

      [*]Requirements - RAM?


    • Make solid content
    • Decide on series & regular "shows"
    • Primarily play-throughs with multiple people?
    • George in charge of YouTube publications
    • Reviews? Play-throughs? Guides (+mod installation etc?)
    • As above, which direction should we take the channel?


    • Which game modes will we be making?
    • Which game modes will be completed in what order?
    • Survival world to get players in to Ahoy World
      • not many plugins
      • harder mobs
      • essentials

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Nice quick meeting this month! Here's a brief run-down of the decisions made.

  • Dedicated Server
    • George and Jack to be managing the server initially
    • Two Minecraft servers - one dedicated to survival and one dedicated to creative / game modes
    • Tekkit will not be hosted for the foreseeable future - the hardware requirements are too high
    • Assetto Corsa will be hosted on the server ASAP
    • ArmA III will be hosted on the server ASAP (ArmA II in the mean time)


    • Creation of solid, regular content
    • George will manage the creation, organisation and editing of content
    • Focus on play-throughs and tours / promotional videos of the Ahoy Minecraft! servers
    • Also include reviews / guides (incl. mod installation and the like)


    • Survival world will be regular, PVP Minecraft in a large-biome map, hosted on a 2GB server with a lot of slots
    • Server / game mode priority list:

    1. Survival
    2. Zombie Survival
    3. Walls
    4. AhoyForts
    5. AhoyPrison
    6. RP World
    • Zombie Survival
      • Looking for constant input. Tell them what you want on the forums and follow the dev diaries
      • Areas named "Area 1", "Area 2" etc to undergo a staggered release, the devs hopefully being 2 or 3 areas ahead of the current release
      • Many more (but weaker) zombies than usual

    Good stuff people! Let's make it happen!

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  • 1 month later...

outcomes from my perspective

- Nice one sam for all the streaming,

- Youtube goals some are being met

- Arma running on other server too

- DCS not running but means another game can be done

- T-shirts were investigated and can be available (for a big price though wasn't it?) out of our control :D

fingers crossed for war of the roses

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