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Scoring System


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Good afternoon chaps,

just a thought on adjusting the scoring system if it's even possible to adjust how people play the game.

now i know that it would add complexity so I can see it's not an ideal solution but hear me out and feel free to comment with different weightings.

so the issue, sometimes, is that people don't carry out tasks with the role they've chosen so I wonder could we give a reason to get more involved with the role they choose. For example as a medic it pops up that you've saved a teammate which gives you +2 how about adding a few more incentives.



reviving someone in your squad

reviving squad leader


Repair Spec:

repairing a helicopter away from base



longer range kill


AT spec:

Disabling/destroying armor in the AO



Insertion/Exfil based on number of people in heli or proportion of how full it is


These are just a few ideas and I'm sure there are more suggestions as to actions we would like to see more often from players.

It would be great to see in the chat actions that are lacking like revive e.g.

"Raz revived Hoax"

to show people that the medics are being active in the game.

also reward/punish players who are revived/hit respawn immediately. e.g. 2 death points for death resulting in respawn but only 1 if you are revived to push medics into their role. 


Another thing that probably should be a different forum post but also to do with scoring:

While casually lasering my foot a mod, who will remain nameless, and another player in a blackfoot shot some class of a missile at me. Sad times I know but we were testing the laser, so anyway what i noticed was that the pilot was credited with the team kill but on the scoreboard it was the gunner who was racking up the kill count. would there be a way to distribute the kills amongst pilot and gunner more evenly. (tho I'm of the opinion that the scores possible wiht haymaker and blackfoot are completely disproportional to the rest of the game we'll leave that out).


Also most likely already mentioned would it be possible to stop chopper crash kills to be classed as teamkills?


anyways just a few ideas thoughts etc.


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Hey Z

You're playing wrong if you're concerned about the score, them game is about teamwork and surviving the Tour so you get home in one piece and get R&R off base with family or friends :) but I suppose in pub servers it's worth having some incentive to get people to play their role, I&A3 should hopefully incorporate some revamped score and Ahoy coin system again to get people working for a goal, maybe who knows ;)

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yeah it was mainly as how to adjust the scoring system to incentivise the guys on the public server rather than my own gameplay (i know i'm the most awesomest player in the world evaaaaa!!!!)

It's not a panacea to end all bad gameplay rather imagine it as a piece of cheese at the end of a maze as a reward for a lab rodent! :-)


also here's me licking a camera! 

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I too think that the score system could be more refined, but I believe that the score system in I&A2 is still the regular Arma one(not sure). So if thats the case it would mean that a custom script has to be made or the existing stock Arma one be altered. more scripts = more lagg. and the alteration may be the answer.


But, the question is if it is really something that should be implemented into I&A2? or I&A3 Maybe?




also here's me licking a camera! 


What did it taste like? :mellow:

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I object to the scoring system in general. 


It is nice to keep track of your own tally, but comparative scoring makes it feel too "gamey" and less mil-sim.



I do think there should be an ability to "lose" an AO, or at least keep track of the cost/benefits involved in each AO.


like, if a helicopter crashes, thats $xx million dollars lost. 


Every bullet fired is $0.25 or whatever.


Every person killed is tracked, parallel to number of AI killed.




So you have a "budget" for each AO, tied to an objective number like Lives Lost or $$$ cost of operations. 



So if you go over budget or something, maybe the next AO is harder. Some penalty or reward for satisfying a benchmark like fewer deaths or smaller cost of operations. 



Just some thoughts, from someone who doesn't know anything about scripting.

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