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Additional Weapons


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Hi Ahoy World,


Firstly, thank you so much for putting game mode together. It's great and I think it's my new favourite ARMA mode!


I wonder if you could add additional weapons, say from the NATO SF and Russian Spetsnaz weapon pack from armaholic (http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21912). I know that's quite an extensive pack (some 250mb odd) but perhaps some of the weapons could be introduced? Specifically, the 50. cal sniper rifles and the assualt rifles we all love from ARMA 2 etc.


I have the mod installed at the moment and VAS Ammo Box picks up the loadouts in Invade and Annex. However, players are unable to see the weapons unless they have the mod. I'm not sure how the class restrictions will work on weapons, but hopefully it's not too big of an issue. Just an idea.


Thanks again and take it easy.

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Heh, probably the third plus times a post like this has shown up.


Basically, these mods require not only the server to run it, but every single client who joins the server wanting to play I&A must have these mods too. Which is pretty much something which will never happen, since people won't bother to install it and go to another server. However, I do advocate something like this on a private/passworded server, because it'd be great fun.

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^^ what Cain said very unlikely unless special occasion or something,

Maybe on the Acre/Game night server in the future if everyone agrees to specific missions/mods and that the mods run stable enough for 40+ people, keep a eye on the forum's for news of nights etc,

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