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Welcome to Altis/Limnos FSX style (+ a few others)


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Seen as Altis and Stratis are based on real world Greek islands, I decided to take a flight from Athens to Lemnos International Airport in a Dash 8 Q400 in FSX. On the way I overflew Stratis and I took a few screenshots to show off.


The scene of last weekend's infamous mortar killzone. A memorial is to be placed in their honour


Plus here's a few added bonus of PMDG's new B777, Aerosofts Airbus A320 and Real Air's Legacy...


Pushback by Phill Loughlin, on Flickr


Dawn Cargo by Phill Loughlin, on Flickr



Lancair 1 by Phill Loughlin, on Flickr
Lancair 2 by Phill Loughlin, on Flickr

Hope you enjoy. I know there is a lot of civvie stuff here but when I'm flying mil I'm normally down in the weeds and too busy actually flying to take screenshots.



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For a long second I thought you actually flew over Limnos in an actual aircraft. Then I got confused as to why there were aircraft in the pictures, surely they wouldn't allow aircraft to fly that close.

Had to reread post to figure out it was in a game.



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