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Thanks :D


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It seems the desync happens after 2-3 hours of gaming on EU#

I played a lot today.
Session 1: it crashed once (I was playing for 2 hours) then restarted.

Session 2: it started desync a lot  (I was playing for 3 hours)


FPS is really better (no more "suddenly drops") since we are back at 40 players (and I guess slightly less NPCs?).

I never go under 12-20 now, on the "hardest" moments. Which is a correct rank for my computer, considering I often dropped to 4-10 previously.


And that's the reason why I can play more again _o/


I also noticed I gain arround 2-5 FPS on every servers since the 1.00 release of A3 (including on my own map, Dogfight, where I play with 45 FPS)

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