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AKA Kyto,

Former Marine(4(+4) years for the purpose of college) and dig the Arty mos (RadioOp,ScoutObserver(self))

Age is 26 and currently in college for some schoolin' of the medical field.

Future career will make me happy even old as those old people in the old people homes

Laid back and love it

Have 2 kids(Daughter & Son(Respect my Minions!))

Love to rebuild junkyard cars (latest WAS 96 Acura Integra(Lost due to women on mobile phone slamming into driversside totaling it from front to mid-back(will post pics if wanted)))

Enjoy watching Rocket Monkey's


Great Pilot of all aircraft in Arma III

Common but still real good with Long Range Weaponry (even irl(should be for any Marine(former or current(also the exception of Arma))))

Have plenty patience for scripting

Glad to help for issues in the editing field of Arma III


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sup man, nice to see another devildog around here especially an arty guy. im a 44 by the way



I don't see many other Arty dudes either except for the ones I was Stationed with.


I'll post some pics of the car as well.



Broke that side of my HID HLs (not me in pic)



was heading same direction as that semi, and the chic came coming from opposite turned while I was heading the direction of the semi in mid intersection



The duraflex is still usable



IT HURTS TO SEE THIS AGAIN(Day prior just replacing the Tie Rods (never got to finish body kit)



Time I put plates on after one hour of driving without it recieved ticket for no front plate



HID 12000Ks with Eagle Eye(not on)



Night I finished front body



Hitting Semi Truck Tire Tread going 80mph




Highway drive with blizzard


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