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[suggestion] P.O.W.'S


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So this is an idea I thought would be pretty cool, I thought of it one day when I was playing on the US server. It was the one of the most intense moments I ave had in arma. So we were on straits island and we formed a 12 man team, We took off from the base in 3 hunters and were gonna convoy it all the way to camp maxwell. Everything was going smooth for a good 15 minutes, then BAM!!, our lead hunter blew up, we swerved to the side and everyone got out started taking up firing positions. We spotted the apc that ambushed us and our at man took him out, thinking it was safe we ran to the lead convoy and grabbed everyone away from the wreckage, we dragged them to a safe spot and our medic started operating on them. Then whoosh!! Our medic fell to the ground, he was shot by an opfor about 400 meters away on a hill. I pointed him out and we all opened fire. "He's down..." Then I fall to the ground dead. "Wat da hell."I say. Then I realize everyone else is on the ground. I turn my body around and noticed a group of about 15 opfor moving slowly toward us up the hill.. They were right behind us the whole time. We are all waiting there because one of our squadmates is still alive.

"I'm calling in medevac"he said. He runs down to find a better hiding spot and gets shot. "Dammit." Now here we are all looking as the opfor are still slowly creeping up on us we are just watching finally they reach us and just stop and stand over our bodies.

Now this is where my idea comes in, so as I was just watching them stand over us I thought hmm it would be pretty interesting if they just finished us off by shooting us in the chest or maybe it would be pretty cool if they took us as pow's. I thought it would be a cool idea because

It could add an interesting aspect to the game. For example, like I described in my scenario where they just stood over us, it would be cool if they like finished us off or took some of us prisoner. They could take us into the main AO that our forces are trying to take or somewhere else like a side mission kind of thing. If they took us into the main AO it could make things interesting because our team would have to be more careful taking over the camp, they wouldn't be able to just launch rockets everywhere and bombard the place with mortar strikes and bombing runs. They would have to be more tactical and work together as a team to rescue us.

I think it could work like this lets say you are downed and there are enemies in the area. There could be like a surrender button and the AI decides whether you live or die. If he rejects you get shot and respawn to base, if he accepts you are teleported into a jail cell inside the main Objective and your squad or the whole team Is notified "We have intel that so and so has been taken prisoner and is being held inside the camp." Now the attacking team has to be more careful when attacking the objective or they might risk killing their teammate. Now the prisoner is standing inside the cell and has no weapons or anything and can only communicate through direct chat to speak with other prisoners to make it harder for the attacking team to know what's going on. The prisoners are freed after the team breaks into the camp or taking the whole objective.

This could be a fun idea for the game because it would give players a more challenging experience and let's them continue on with their same life, what I mean by that is that they don't have to respawn back to base after getting killed, because it can get frustrating driving for 30 minutes and then bam your car is ambushed and everyone is dead and everyone has to restart again. Not saying I don't like what we have right now because I love everything about this server I have been playing on, the people, the missions, everything about this game type is awesome. I just felt like contributing my idea and see what you guys think because I think it could add an interesting aspect to I&A. I apologize if this post feels all unorganized and mixed up everywhere It's 1 am and I was having late night thoughts and decided HEY I SHOULD SUGGEST THIS IDEA IT COULD BE LEGIT. Haha yeah I'm gonna sleep now

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