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World of Warcraft - Writing Addons


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Hello there.

I think I'm gonna go ahead and start doing some World of Warcraft addons. Not sure what yet, but I'm sure I can find something simple to eat up my time. I spent quite a while writing some artillery programs and the like on Armed Assault II so I'm alright with SQF / LUA (and most java-based languages).

So the question stands - what shall I make?

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Yeah exactly. That doesn't effect solitaire though - could still make that. Well - unless you want to make an ASP.NET version of Solitaire with a back-end containing a random number generator for the original card shuffle. If you wanna make one of those you're screwed.

What does WoW need that it doesn't already have? There's an IM addon, quest helpers, loot databases, countless class helpers...

I'm sure there's already one, but how about a gold count for all of your characters right there in your backpack? So you see which of your characters had what gold. And then a grand total at the bottom so you could grab all the money off of each of them towards a mount or something similar.

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