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Tired of the plain Jane green & black MH9's try these


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Ever wanted something other Green, digcam or black textures for the MH9 in your missions


well there are 13 other texture designs available inside the game files


all you need to do is 

go to this file location (or wherever your steam & game files are installled) open the .pbo file below

(using PBO Manager - http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=16369&a=dl)


c:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\Addons\air_f.pbo


expand the pbo to the following file branch, and extract it out to a new file anywhere on your pc.



cut out the folder Skins and and keep it separate 

now go into editor in game create a mission, just drop down an MH9, save the mission


now take the Skins folder and place in you mission file here

C:\Users\(your user name)\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\(your profile name)\missions\(your saved mission)


reload your mission in editor

select you MH9 and copy the following to the init field


this setobjecttexture [0,"skins\heli_light_01_ext_wasp_co.paa];
^^CHANGE RED name above to any of following to change texture^^
also add these to the init to add doors and remove the benches and not allow anyone to sit on the bench spot
this animate ["addDoors",1];
this animate ["addBackseats",1]; 
this animate ["addTread",0]; 
this animate ["addBenches",0]; 
this animate ["addCivilian_hide",1];
{this lockCargo [_x,true]} forEach[2,3,4,5];
or download & extract these 


change init line to 

this setobjecttexture [0,"md500\wasp.paa];

or any of the names in the file for the other textures


the same can be done for the Mowhawk, there are 4 skins in the Heli_medium part of the air_f.pbo file


also for the Buzzard if you have Arma 2 find the air.pbo for the L39, L149 etc and extract the texture file with

??_ext_??_co.paa in the file name to you arma 3 mission folder



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The fellas at BI really have done a good job making this so easily expandable. By default, even the civilian cars are hugely customisable and they promise much more like it. See video below for some of the stuff already built in for the aforementioned civvie cars.


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