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[bug] Repair&refuel script is not working


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Report: the current version is not working for anything related to repair&refuel scripts. It's impossible to repair or refuel both choppers and ground vehicles.


Temporary ingame fix: crash vehicles (if they respawn)


Story: "As driver, I would like to be able to refuel my vehicles, despite the price of the fuel"

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If you want help I can explain what I ended up doing with my script. It is fairly simple, and not 100% reliable (though should be 99.9%), but it works without causing discrepancy between clients or client/server.


In short, it seems you have to run the setDamage, setFuel etc commands on the machine where the vehicle is local, and since you don't know where the vehicle is local, you have to broadcast the event to all machines so everyone can check if it's local for them or not, and only execute it if the vehicle is local. Trying to just execute it on all machines (which is what some scripts do, maybe yours too) will cause issues.

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