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PvP server problems and concerns


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First off when I played one of the first ill iterations of the fight for kavala it was fun and enjoyable. I joined the next day to find no one using the helicopters because it was impossible to without someone dedicated to sitting inside them while you fill up at spawn. Same goes for vehicles as the you can't lone wolf vehicles script ruins vehicles for many players. The pilot class was better as a role selected before joining the game.

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Do you really think it is better to allow people to lone wolf vehicles? If you are not playing with a team, you should be happy you can even play. I had some requests to make non-teamplayers have no weapons and not be able to leave the base, but I decided to still allow non-teamplayers to have the basic features (rifleman kit, teleport to MHQ or join a vehicle of another team if they didn't lock it) in case they are just learning the game mode.


If you know how to play well enough to not ruin the game for your team by taking a vehicle, you should know how to play well enough to work with a team of at least 4 players. You only need 2 for a vehicle at the same time, and only need a squad of 4 members to have full access to everything everyone else have access to. Join a group and play nice so that they don't kick you out!


Pilot role being selected before joining the game is terrible.


Since helicopters are either used with pilot+gunner or used for transport, I see no reason for anyone to leave the base with 1 of those by himself in a way that actually helps the team. Also, once you have left the base for the first time, the vehicle no longer has any restrictions and can be used alone.


The only problem is the opfor transport helicopter which can be used for basic CAS, but it is an exception and overall I think it's still best to keep it this way so you don't have random players going in the helicopter alone while the team needs transport, not to mention they usually just crash it shortly after.



Remember vehicles give the enemy team a lot of points when abandoned or destroyed (except transport jeeps with no MG, which are only worth 1 point when destroyed and 0 when abandoned). You are supposed to use the vehicles wisely, not play with them like some personal toy. This is not COOP - This is competitive PvP, adjusted to work in a public server environment.

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