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[Suggestion] Remove the new spawn&camera system


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Report: I dislike (yeah, it's only my opinion, not a fact this time) the new spawn&camera system of I&A. Reasons:

-I hate toggling camera like on a console game that would lack some better feature, especially when they are 40+ people on server

-I do not understand what that system is bringing to I&A

-It does not help the loading of the game to end it by a camera-in-motion system

-Dead people can no longer know if there is a medic nearby (respawn or not)

-It's not precised anywhere what to do (and in every game I joined today, some people were asking the new song "how do I spawn")


Temporary ingame fix: ask on coms if there is a medic nearby (spam more)


Story: "As a player, I would like having a game as light as possible to keep it smooth and simple, giving me only important information such as the distance between me and the nearest medic."



-remove that new system :D

-display the distance between the dead player and the nearest medic (but then please make sure the first "deathcam" is set on the dead player and not a random guy)

-prevent the system to run for the real first spawn (after map loading)

-Fix Arma 3 desyncs and FPS problems please Jester, buahahahahaha


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the pvp server never had this first off.

Second I changed the setting to only be able to spectate the group members now. (instead of the whole server. that wasnt intentional when we implemented this)

third people were asking for a way to have it more realistic about searching for dead bodies instead of a bright neon sign hanging over their head. this was a solution.

forth, this is only a test as of right now. we are trying to better the experience of our players by adding new content.


@progamer, I am a bit confused. you want it more hardcore by removing extra armor, yet you want neon signs over dead players? i am a bit confused.

again, these are just small tests we are doing to see what players are looking for, your input is very welcome and appreciated.


I have actually had quite a few people say they enjoy the spectator view now that it is scaled down. (pro tip- press left arrow to pull up the base marker straight away when your down)

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This kind of thing always ends up feeling rough and untidy Arma due to the poor UI (you'd think after all these years they'd have employed someone with a clue). And it must be like a nasty barb wire fence to new players. Generally, overly complicated.


If spectating is a popular feature, perhaps offer it as a secondary option when you go down.


Personally I don't like the way it removes you from the action, it feels very false in a vaguely realistic game. I think the system used in Domination of clicking on a spawn point on the map was far clearer and easier to use, because it gave you a tactical overview of your options.

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Maybe have the camera go to the nearest medic tand base respawn view rather then the rest of the squadies if the medic dies and it doesn't switch to the next medic then you know it's time to respawn

Protip #3

;) you get the idea by now

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I enjoy the new spec / dead camera, but it encourages people to just Respawn. 


Have to take into account this is ARMA, but this also a PUBLIC server. Its a hard balance. Then you got pubs, and community members, saying different sides. It's really hard to balance a huge mission like this, so I feel the pain to the makers.


I think the new spec camera will grow on people, it grew on me quickly. Allowing to spec on Group now is great.


But as far as Respawning and Medic, I'd like to maybe see the Hintbox come back, to show nearest medic. So the dead player can call out / text to the medic or at least know one is nearby. Instead, now, it kinda just encourages people to just hit Respawn at base. Just some idea/notifcation to know a medic is nearby to revive be a nice feature. Maybe have Medics as well, not have icons over dead bodies, but just a simple hint box saying People Need Revived Nearby or something.

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