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Hey Guys n Gals! Keep up the good work on I&A.


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I've played on the I&A server several times and really enjoy it.  It's alot like the TAW Domination missions from ArmA 2.  I hope to get a chance to play with you all more often.  I'd also like to see a Wasteland server hosted by your community!


About Me:

I'm 32, married, have an 18-mo old boy and expecting another in May 2014.  I've been playing the ArmA series since the original Operation Flashpoint days.  I also play Planetside 2, GRO, Battlefield 3, and Minecraft.  I currently work about 60 hours a week so I generally play on Saturday/Sunday evening.  I'm a mediocre pilot, but getting better every day, so if you consider yourself an ACE pilot and want to take me under your wing please do so!


I'm not sure if I'm ready to wear the [AW] tag just yet, but it's definitely been a blast playing on your servers!


I'm also an aspiring streamer, but due to my current time constraints and work schedule I haven't had a lot of extra time and energy to commit towards developing my Twitch channel.


My Rig:

Custom Built by Me

AMD AMD FX-8120 3.1 GHz 8-Core on ASUS Crosshair V Formula Motherboard


120 GB SD HDD + 700 GB HDD + 8 TB RAID 5 Array

Nvidia GeForce 570 GTX



Logitech G35 7.1 Surround Headset

Logitech G19 Keyboard

Logitech G700 Mouse

Saitek x52 Flight System

X-Box 360 Wireless Controller + Windows Receiver


Feel free to add me on Steam, FedEx Ninjaneer

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