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Minecraft Revamp: Ready to Launch!


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Firstly I would like to thank Bufu, Proxima, Danne, Silver, Kyrie, Dave and everyone else who has helped build and support the Minecraft servers and everything that makes them tick.  We would still be at square one with our ideas a light at the end of a very long mineshaft.


So what have these Grand Minecraft Guru’s been working on?


A Hub World! “What is a hub world?!?!” The majority of people like to play survival, that is cool and to be perfectly honest is the meat of Minecraft and how most people fell in love with it.  However, some people to just like to build fabulous creations (Eye Candy) for them we created a world on which they can go nuts in “The Creative World”


In the old days (2012) we would have used two servers and you would have pointlessly needed to disconnect from one server and log into another one.  It was so last year!  Now we have added a floating bridge tying all the worlds of Ahoy-Minecraft together.


“All the worlds?” Yes All the worlds, rather than just have one world just to link 2 worlds together we are going to have many worlds and servers all linked into this one location.  Currently only the vanilla servers are working, but, you will soon see Parkour, Hunger Games and more on the way!  More information as we get closer to completion.


“Is that it?” Well, no! We are also going to be running events through the hubworld.  To access them we have another portal that will whisk you away!  To a specially created world for the event, sometimes the world will be flat grass or sometimes it will be beta testing for new game modes or special events of existing game modes!  Please, I would be happy to hear any of your suggestions please drop me a PM me on the site!


To get to the hubworld you can use “/spawn” which will take you to the hub world.  To get home again you will need to go to the survival world and make your way back. Ahoy+ Subscribers can use /home to go to their home if they have set a home up.  If you’re a member we will be making getting around easier in the future.


Any questions please ask any member of the Minecraft admin team or myself.  I am happy to declare the Hub World Officially Open and this wall of text over!  Happy Minecrafting!

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