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[Suggestion(s)] For the Future of I&A


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Just thought I'd chime in quickly as a fellow fan of the mission and your lovely servers and community so far.


As I have noticed since release of I&A and on Stratis to Altis, I noticed some things that can be improved after looking at the PBO file myself.


- Spawn the AI when the AO is made, and not spawn more to fill it up constantly. Spawn a set limit per the size of the server size at the time, have them patrol more, and it will greatly fix the lag. Headless Client is also needed with Altis greatly. More defined clean up scripts are needed after AO is clear.


- AI fleeing the AO needs to be stopped with allowFleeing 0, makes clearing some AOs a pain in the rear and WAYYY longer than needed.


- UAVs (Greyhawk) need to respawn now. With Altis, its so big, the Mortars don't do justice. Now I know on Release, we will have Mobile MLRS and bigger Arty. But, I feel the Greyhawks play a great role while not being OP in a way.


+(expand above) To expand on that, you run into few problems. Currently way BI has it, UAVs are a one man show. So, Have the Greyhawk Respawn on a LONG timer, and put in restriction only for UAV Operators (One per Squad), and Haymaker (Which is mixed opinions per server, Some say its for Mortars AND Blackfoot gunner, some say just Arty), anyways. Make HayMaker and UAV OPs have Access to Greyhawk. UAV Ops access to Mini-Drone and UGV. 


- Ground transport, With Altis size, Tanks and APCs need a role. The distance is too far for them. To counter this, Add the BTC Cargo Script to allow Lifting. ( I will expand on this later with more ideas for tanks)


- FOBs, Set up pre fobs around the map, that just act as a FOB. Simple guard tower, with some ammo boxes, helipad, repair point for ground / air, and thats it. Just something to break that distance from base. 


- Mobile spawn, Maybe act as a Mobile HQ with a APC, or have FOBs act as a moible HQ. (Choose what FOB you want from a Whiteboard at Base). 


- Jets, With jets coming in. I suggest a JET Pilot role only. Have jets on a long 10min respawn timer. Have them have a Jet Only Task maybe(idk still thinking). But they also can't be incredibly OP and go in bomb the shit, clear the AO before the troops even come. So a loadout script for it will be needed (easy to do). They also cannot have to constantly drop flares either (So AA soldiers will need a AI skill tweak), but a good jet pilot will be a great CAS asset to the server. Just ONE jet! One CARGO plane (if BIS adds one). Cargo plane go great with the BTC cargo/lift script, and mass carry troops to the 5 other airfields on the island.


But I feel to please all the players, Jets, Tanks, Apcs, and UAvs all should be included. People are loving I&A so fast, and /r/arma on Reddit is loving it. Its growing and will be more awesome as the game grows and mission grows. (the AI spawning needs to be redesigned though to fix lag and headcless client put in).


Just some thoughts , I will edit with more when I get a more idea or better explanation. Cannot wait to see the mission grow!

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Ah very good, I figured you all had plans in place, as I see its updated daily everytime I wake up :) Which is so lovely.


Just thought I throw some suggestions out that I seen from myself & other players from the past several weeks.


Thanks for the quick reply though!

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One CARGO plane (if BIS adds one). Cargo plane go great with the BTC cargo/lift script, and mass carry troops to the 5 other airfields on the island.


There will be at least one cargo plane in ArmA 3, if you go to editor --> Side: Empty --> Wrecks --> C192


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@R. Berezon. That doesn't mean anything.. You will also notice there are Humvee wrecks, Osprey wrecks, BMP2 wrecks, etc. Doesn't necessarily mean that they will have one in the game per say. Although I do believe they will have one at some point in time..

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Considering the C-192 sounds a lot like a C-130 but future (since A3 is future), We can probably guess we will have a C-130 variant. 


But you are correct on the other wrecks, they just re-used models. Now if it was C-130 wreck, then I would say no we wont get one. But they changed it for future like other Helicopters, so we will probably see a working C-130 (variant)

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I can't wait to see what you have planed for v3 Rarek.


I'd love to see some dynamic content.  For instance, when certain towns/objectives are taken they can be converted into a FOB or have small fire base set up nearby.  I think this would be a great way to make the use of ground vehicles more common since it would put them closer to the front lines in that area.  You could limit this to 1 FOB within a 10 km radius, and no more than 3 FOBs total in addition to the centralized airbase..


Another idea I had was to start the mission out down in the south eastern airfield with limited assets.  Once the main airfield is taken more ground/air assets become available.


Keep up the good work!

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