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AhoyCoin, AhoyForts and Others


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Hello there.

With Minecraft 1.3.1 out right now (and a Bukkit snapshot to come very soon), we'll be needing to do a bit of re-designing. The AhoyCoin system we currently use is based on using signs to buy and sell items, while 1.3.1 will introduce NPC trading. I'm looking for ideas on how we should best use the new features of 1.3.1 to improve AhoyCoin as well as people who want to be involved in the development.

Samuel and Drake pop into my mind immediately. There may be others, but if you want to help out please say so and I'll involve you from the get-go. We'll concentrate on AhoyForts first (the Fort vs Fort game-type that'll involve two teams gathering resources, surviving and ultimately destroying the opposing fort by sieging it using weak TNT).

As I said, if you are interested say so here and make sure you have an account over at GitHub - that's where all the code will be available. Also if you're interested in learning I'll go through the basics with you, but it'd be a good idea to familiarise yourself with a good Bukkit plugin tutorial so you're not completely alienated!

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Note: Need to talk about the development of this. Thinking can we have a capture passive repair (if cobblestone is in the chest or somthing?) I don tlike this emerald trading... it sounds like it may break ahoycoin abit (not litterly) just we will have to balance the value of ahoycoins against emerald... which will be annoying and will potentially limit it... worth talking about.

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Well my thought process was that if a new trading system is going to be natively within the game, it would be silly to create a whole new one. There must be a way we can integrate the NPC trading with AhoyCoin.

We might be able to replace AhoyCoins with Emeralds and be done with it (maybe divide all prices by 10 to make it fair?).

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