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Finland calling..


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Hello people..


I've been playing pretty much exclusively on the Ahoyworld servers since i got into the Beta.And i've been having a blast. I have played Arma/OFP before but never actually got into it. Been mostly a battlefield kinda guy. But that has changed now..


Anyways, some of you i have seen around the servers before, and some of you might have seen me. Im the guy under the nick StoneCold313(yes, i know, it's horrible nickname). Usually dying lots, and due to my weird hours, this usually happens in the US servers.


Short story short, keep up the awesome work with the servers, and i hope to see you in Stratis, and Altis very soon.

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Tervetuloa ja torilla tavataan!


^ (Finnish for: Welcome and we shall meet at the market, which is what every Finn would say when Finland is mentioned)


Ajattelin jo että olen ainoa suomalainen täällä.. :P

(translation: I already thought that i was the only finn in here)

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