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[bug] items to repair at base overload the screen


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Report: after a while a lot of items are damaged at base, overloading the screen for repair specialists (screenshot is a "softcore" version of the bug, when I took it it was still "light" compared to what we can have)





Temporary ingame fix: GTFO of base and play


Story: "As repair specialist, I would like to be noticed only of the items to repair that have a role in game"



-remove those items?


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It's not vehicles it ammo boxes and creates and missalaneous objects like traffic cones near the vehicle spawn some if the barrels nearby are on fire and damaging them slowly as repair special all you see when you look towards base is green red and orange items to be repaired clutters the screen and you can't see anything, also the slowly burning items may be causing lag on the server too as they each take damage and eventually explode / despawn

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I thought I got rid of all the objects that could be broken near base. I will have another look at the gate area.

as for the vehicles, repair specialists can only repair a vehicle to driving condition. they will never be able to fix a vehicle back to perfect. Hence why you see this type of thing. you need to get the vehicle to an actual repair pad in order for it to be fully repaired.

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You might have fixed all the gate objects already. I didn't pay that much attention to the date the post before me was posted. And i think there has been few updates since that. xD




Just checked on one of the servers, and the broken roadcones are indeed gone.


/slaps myself for not paying attention to the dates :P

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