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I've decided to sift through all the rubbish ideas I've had these past 10 years and use the good ones to start planning a game.


First I thought "Hey, let's make a first person RPG/RTS hybrid!" - That idea could still work, but I've put it on the bench.


But I liked the concept of the RPG side of it and the setting, so I decided to stick with that. I also decided to do something different. Rather than an RPG (or MMORPG as I'd like it to be) where your character is just a hero for an AI faction, players can make their own factions. Or usurp an AI faction.


Here's what I need help with:

- I have a good idea of the class leveling process, but need help designing classes.

- Lore. This isn't too difficult, as the progression of the lore will be determined by the players.

- I do have a list of races I could go with, but would like help making some unique ones.

- Combat gameplay. I've come up with a UI for the combat which I like, but I don't think it's practical yet, so I need help refining this area.

- Balance. As with anything where players have virtual free reign, will definitely need to create some balance mechanisms, and it's always best to have multiple people to avoid bias.

- Map. I know what I want the setting to feel like. But my graphics skills are terrible.



Once we've got a workable design, we'll put together a crowdfunding project (Maybe Kickstarter, maybe not) and will be able to start developing it.


If you're interested, or have any ideas, or just want to keep informed, reply to the thread or email me ([email protected]).


You can also add me on skype: ca_aeuaer

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O boy. MMO/RPG 0_0


I will say Nemo, try something smaller for start with because MMOs are very big projects which will require a lot of time and money in to it.


In addition, they require support 24/7 maintenance vise 

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Pardon the lack of insight, but how exactly does a RPG/RTS which is also first person actually work? What are the core elements of gameplay?



MMORPGs are dominated by a few powerhouses, so it'll be a big task to come up with something ingenious that will make people want to buy the game, or at least attract attention in terms of potential developers and funders.


I have no experience with any sort of development software, however if there's anything in the narrative/written department, I'm your guy. Maybe. Is this going to be fantasy, or what sort of genre will it be set in?

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I know it's ambitious. It's the bastard child of my two best ideas. But if this tanks, I'll be starting planning out an even more ambitious idea.

This isn't going to be RPG/RTS any more. The way it would've worked would be that the character is linked to your profile. The RTS bit would really just be micro-management (You set the AI's priorities). And it would involve a LOT of AI.


The way that was going to work wasn't quite right though, it was a fortress building game with large armies which you'd march to your enemies and try to destroy their fortress, while a third army is approaching on your not-so-well defended fort. The key point being that you personally let the armies and fought side-by-side with them.


As for setting: High Fantasy. That's what I know the most about. Could change if I get a good enough idea.


As for scale, it will start small and expand on-demand. I understand it will need 24/7 maintenance. I plan on having the servers automatically reset every few months (To stop one faction from becoming too entrenched in an area and start killing the fun). That could change. Almost everything could change. This might even end up being the RTS I don't want to make. My ideas constantly change, currently I want to keep religion out of the game, that can change.

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Because of the way my mind works, it's better for me to start big and then narrow down and end up with something small. I can't start small. I won't let it approach to the money-required stage until it's financially feasible to do so. If this ends up a failure then I'll move on. It's what I do.

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Right, after wracking my brain I've pulled a few more ideas out.

I've thought of a way to trim the RPG/RTS into a smaller, easier to manage game than my original visions. (IE... barely an rpg)


A co-op FPS in a non-destructible environment (For financial reasons).


And a 1v1 fighter with a... different system of levelling up.


Feel free to reply or message with any thoughts. (I know I have little information here, but I need help deciding on one so I can just put the others on the bench.)

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