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Ahoy from Hungary!


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Hi Folks,


Been playing on the EU AW ARMA3 I&A servers for a few weeks now and loving it. Just thought I'd drop a note here to say hello, I'm [PWH]b0k a.k.a. Dave Pearson, currently living in Hungary and getting most excellent pings on the EU servers too :)

I'm a musician when I'm not blowing things up in ARMA, been involved with computers since I started work over 30 years ago. My current job is very focussed on GIS mapping systems, so I really appreciate the work gone into ARMA3. I also currently play for kicks CS:S, TF2 and a handful of flightsims, also any games where you get that "real world environment" like SR3, GTA4 really appeal to me as well.


I've been playing the BI franchise ever since op flash came out all those years back and knew even back then that this was no ordinary game. I remember wandering out into the middle of nowhere and realising for the first time that it's up to *you* on how you finish a mission, no steering down transparent corridors like some of the other so-called "war games" where you're actually being forced to finish a level in a set way by the designer, in BI's world it's all tactics, tactics tactics :)


I've already made a posting about the ARMA3 heli glitching on the bug forum which I hope you all have voted up on the BI site now, looks like we actually have someone assigned so thanks to all who voted it up. To those that haven't, please still vote it up to make sure it keeps the attention focussed on it - at the moment it just looks like a handful of people are affected but we all know about the curse of rotors falling off with glitching players - contrary to what everybody seems to think BI haven't been looking at fixing this bug up to now. So please vote it up on the BI feedback tracker site too if you know what I'm rambling on about here!



Anyway hope to see you on the servers soon and special thanks to the support medics and pilots who always seem to do a really pro job on the I&A servers, those two roles are very thankless but very necessary ones so I always try to say "thx" to them on side channel :)



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