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Hi, this is Lonestar


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Ahoy, Mateys!


I just thought I'd drop by and say hi to the AhoyWorld community. I've been enjoying myself playing on the Arma 3 servers lately with Stuffedsheep, Zissou and the gang. You have all been very welcoming, but maybe that's because I didnt understand all of your jokes.  :)


I'm a 26 year-old French player of the Arma series since 2009, I used the run my own team and I'm pretty much seasoned although not very skilled. I'm glad I found a strong community relying on a core staff which is AFAIK really involved in mission-making and improving players' game experience.


You'll find me on public servers mostly, especially the PvP although it needs a kickstarter IMHO. I'd also enjoy gaming nights as long as they don't start too late on week-ends. Yesterday night start time was perfect. Basically I'm here to have fun with friendly players that share the same spirit, whether it's casual gaming or tactical.


See you on the battlefield!

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