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Battlefield 3 anyone?


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I'm there but I'm not playing a lot these days (due to Arma, and the fact I played too much on BF3 one year ago :P)

I still like it tho. It's pretty intense, fun, and you can play for short rounds (like 20 minutes) contrary to Arma, where you need to play a bit more to enjoy a game (to my opinion).


Also, contrary to Arma 3, the physic engine means something

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bad times guys!


I'm still very new to pc gaming, and I loved it on xbox so got it again on pc. arma 3 is very good but you need time to play. something that I do have allot of =(


what about dead island? anyone got that?

 dead island, never played it, any good?

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@Beemer I clocked in about 250h of game play in to that game. After, maybe 100-150h game became unplayable :( because mostly I saw people running around OP/OU (Over Powered/Over Used) weapons, such as: M16, M16A3, AEK, etc. 


In addition, over bad net code gave extra frustration  :angry:


However, I hope BF4 will better then this BF3.


Ducky Out  :ph34r:

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Hope you dont mind me posting this here, we have a good server that is admin by not trigger happy admins.


If you feel like this is advertising for our community please remove this post as it is not intended.


Trying not to post spam to add some value to the forums here



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