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Good Day i am a [YouTuber]


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Why hello and good day! ;)





My name is Owen, i go by the name of [Mr] Husky

I play computer games, im 16 and i upload YouTube video's and i frequently record on the Ahoy world Arma IIII server


My YouTube : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheHuskyNetwork

I am open to join a fellow group of players who play tactically but arn't affraid of having some fun ;)


I have been fetured on some video's by the YOGSCAST and  along we fellow YouTuber's


Currently i have a small squad called [Mr] (Mister's) - we are ALL do youtube.




besides that fact, im a British Hipster collage student ;)


My title for youtube is TheHuskyNetwork

I hope to see you around ;)



                                        - Husky



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