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[bug] 2.93.1 memory leak?


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Report: I'm experiencing hard FPS drops at various moments of the game, that will not stop once started (only on the last version). I talked to at least 2 other people that have the same problem.

Basically, after a while (random?), my FPS (that is not that good in Arma 3) drops from 20-30 average to 2-10. Exactly like a hudge memory leak.


The memory used on Windows by Arma 3 raises on the same time from 900-1000 MO to 1200-1400 MO, but my PC is supposed to handle that.


Reducing the Arma 3 graphic settings does not change anything (I normally play on High+some tweaks, and switching to lowest settings has no effects)


I would not complain if it was not bringing the game to an unplayable state (on my computer), which is the reason of this post.



Temporary ingame fix: leaving the game, disconnecting, closing arma 3, and coming back.


Story: As a player I'd like to keep the performance I had in game on the previous versions of I&A



-none. Ask me anything so I can help you identify the reason of that "I forget how to FPS" :P

-what did you changed between 2.92 and 2.93.1 besides vehicles to use, spawn location ?


My Arma 3 launch: 

-skipIntro -noPause -noSplash -cpuCount=4 -high sets -maxMem=6144 -world=empty -mod=@CBA_A3;@sthud;@tao_foldmap_a3

My computer hardware:
CPU: Intel Core i5 760
Motherboard: Asus P7P55D-E LX
Memory: 2x GSkill 4Go DDR3
Graphic Card: Radeon HD 6850
Disks: -Flash Drive for Windows and drivers: OCZ-VERT EX2
          -Hard Drive for anything else: dual Caviar Blue 7200 mounted in Raid 0
(I do not put chipset+network+sound+mouse+keyboard since it does not matter.)
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So, after a few days playing, I can tell it seems that FPS drop comes from a problem involving the use of the mods on the last version 2.93.1.


When I do not use any of the addons, my FPS are "correct" (still worse than previous version, but it's constant, this time).

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and you guys only now are noticing this? did it happen before I changed the AI settings? (i.e. did it happen more then 2 days ago as well?) When I get some free time, I will look into the logs and see what is going on. Unfortunately for me, i work stupid hours the days I work, like today i will be working 10 hours, so I don't really have to much time when i get home. And the time I do have i am trying to get stuff done "behind the scenes" on the server.


I will take a look at it as soon as I can.

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and you guys only now are noticing this? 


I posted the thread the August, 10. I think its the day after (or less than 24 hours) than the 1.93.1 release :P


Thanks for your consideration/answers tho. I hope you'll find something, because that's a bit more than a bug, it just blasts the experience :(

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Hello Jester, as asked, I'm reporting some news about that bug you gently tried to fix on the previous version.


The average FPS is really better (where I had 15-20, I've now 20-25 even by pushing some settings to very high/ultra [which I could not do on the previous versions]).

But ! I've still drops. Today, after 30 minutes playing, my FPS dropped from 15-20 to 5-10 again.

It was coming arround 17-18 when I was not "aiming" something (example: not looking arround me in a chopper). But as long as I was turning the camera, it was dropping badly.

Over the 10 minutes I tried to play, the "average" slowly dropped to reach the 4-6, at which point I had no choice but leave.


So, either your last updates fixed part of the problem; but not all of it, either my wife hacked I&A servers to prevent me to play ;)

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@Jester: I already tried the solution of BigAl, but it's not the same issue. BigAl had the FPS problem permanently as long as he was on a server.


Since I'm a nice former game technical support guy, I reinstalled both graphic card drivers (after a rollback test) and DirectX, this time with the Arma files.


I played on a pretty empty servers (we were 3 pilots waiting for players to log in). FPS: 20-55 (depending on when I was looking towards building, or the empty sea).

After a while, we started playing with more people. We were like 9-12 on the server.

Suddently, while we had the main mission "Tempest" + side mission "Destroy Chopper" running together for like 20 minutes, my FPS dropped again from 20-30 to 5-10.


So I can confirm that:

-It's not the same problem than BigAl (who does not have the same graphic card builder anyway)

-Your previous fixes changed (and improved a lot :D) the global FPS, but did not fix the FPS drops

-The drops does not seem to be related to any of the following (amount of players connected, amount of NPCs on the map)


Maybe a particles emiter that spawns thousands of particles somewhere, maybe a real memory leak, I do not know.

Sidenote: it still seems I start lagging when the clouds in the sky get from "white" type to "grey type". Again, I think the weather system is the key, but I can not be sure of it.

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Hi,  first post but hopefully not out of place.


What is the server doing when this happens?


If an admin is logged in what does the server FPS (guess that should really be cycles per second as its more of a clock speed than frames in the real sense) on the server say?


Admin use #monitor 1 for a reading, #monitor 0 to turn off.


50 is its max and it drops really low when some things are happening.  Once it gets below a certain point everybodies frames drop and AI rund back and forwards, things 'stutter' etc.  On our server I noticed that the meory usage started to curve up more than usual compared to the previous days.



I am not sure whether its a mod or just leaky server code but usually a restart usually cures it.





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I'm going to spend the day playing tomorrow and see if I cannot figure out whats causing this. The last few times I have played, I have had no problems at all. I will try a few things and see if any fix the problem.


@josh, is yer FPS when start or after a period of time?

@all, do your FPS seem to be fine after a server restart? (i.e. fresh load of mission)

also I am going to toss up an old mission file on one server. I need you guys to play on it and see if you still have the issues, this will help me diagnose the problem.
 This will be done tomorrow (friday)

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Well i was playing today on EU #1 before Jester did some changes and after it.


And it felt much, much better after it.


Although the server wasn´t really full. But there were no more sudden frame drops as i recall. Quite stable for 2 hours at least.





But the AI seems to rush our nearby bases now if we don´t kill them all at sidemissions or mortar sites.

Quite annyoing because you can´t shoot at base.


Only way to kill them is by running them over in vehicles.


Still had lots of fun on EU#1 today.

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For me removing the clouds did not change anything. After like 30 minutes (you were on TS) I had the FPS drop again (20->50 to 5-15).

No idea, like you know.


Whatever, you spend a lot of time on this, thanks anyway. I'll wait for 3.0 ;p

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  • 2 weeks later...

A small update.


It happens again on I&A for me for 2 days, even while I've setup everything in low (to counter A3 terrible optimization, small FPS drops near towns, amount of objects on Altis, etc.).


The good news for Jester, is that my own case seems to happen to other people as well, not only on I&A (I'm spending 1 hour a day on BI forums, and several people reported that issue).

The bad news is that it's only one of the multiple FPS problems we can have on Arma. I&A still has its own FPS problems (probably due to whatever script), since I do not have any issue on the PVP missions.

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I really do not think it is the scripts. because US has no problems at all. I believe it has to do with EU also hosting minecraft as well. We are trying to find a fix for the problem. You just need to trust me on this. It is not just forgotten.

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It happened to me on US yesterday. But again, the "drop" is not due to I&A (since it happens to other players of other servers & mods, on BI forums). Which is the reason why I updated you on this. Basically: I'm f****, but you can not change it :P

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Well since i posted here before. I will post my experiences here again.


I upgraded my system specs now to :


i7 4770

16 gigs of Ram at 1600  mHz

radeon 7870 1GhZ and 2 GB ram



And it´s all running great. 30-40+ fps running at ultra.


But the frame drop still happens. (Doesn´t bother me that much anymore due to the upgrade). BUT :


It happens when we lose track of all the AI soldiers from side mission and mortar. And they run to our nearby bases.


And especially Kavala with the lot of buildings seem to cause it.




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