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Ahoy World Gaming Rotation


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Ahoy World Gaming Rotation


We keep trying to arrange one night to play one game and then try to repeat the success of the time we spent playing that game.  I was thinking well what if we played different games each week, picked by members and then every month or so have that game come back up in a rotation.


I don’t know what you guys would think about this but this weekend as mentioned in the “AW Platoon – Back to Auraxis” that Planetside 2 be the game we play together this weekend (not saying you have to just that it could be like our “Game of the Week” The list of games I have that we could have in a monthly rotation at the moment are as follows.


10/08/2013 – 11/08/2013 – Planetside 2

17/08/2013 – 18/08/2013 – PAY DAY 2 BETA

24/08/2013 – 25/08/2013 – Civilisation 5

31/08/2013 – 01/09/2013 - ???

08/09/2013 – 09/09/2013 – Centration Alpha? @Noms


Now the “???” I leave to you guys any nominations are greatly appreciated,maybe PAY DAY 2 (full release) since it will be out then and of course I assume that people will still be on ArmA pretty much solidly and for that reason it’s no eligible at the moment.  Once we have multiple Missions maybe it would be worth having.


Once games start to get a bit boring we drop them out of rotation and slot in something new.  Let me know some of your ideas I am sure they will be brilliant!  See you on Sat and Sun and during the week on Planetside 2 hopefully!


The last week playing PAYDAY 2 Beta with you guys was sweet!  I hope by sorting this out we can do much much more together and have tonnes of fun!

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31/08/2013 – 01/09/2013 - ARMA 3 ACRE or Community Mission?? ;)


Possibly, isn't that what happens on a tactics night though?


Personally though I did this with the express purpose of avoiding ArmA like the plague.  As well as to give our ArmA guys a break from their "tour of duty" and let them play something a little bit different.

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Could be a fun idea, I enjoyed the payday sessions recently.


Maybe highlighting cheaper games might help, not everyone can afford a big title game that often


Well Planetside 2 is a good start point then as it's F2P, Rise of Flight is an amazing F2P simulator too with air to air death matches: lots of fun, TMNations Forever is entirely free and very fun, Civ V only costs £20 and I think you can have up to 12 players in a game at a time, Cossacks only costs £3.99 and will run on any post 2001 PC with little to no problems, DCS World base pack is F2P and very fun! Loads of games out there :)

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