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AW Platoon - Back to Auraxis


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Hello Veterans of the first assault into the planet Auraxis!  Your services is once again required for the Glorious Terran Republic!


I am of course suggesting Planetside 2, it is a good game, its free and I would really like to have another crack at it!  Since its a free to play if any of you haven't tried it, there is nothing stopping you!  There has been a  lot to improve balance,  and add new features to the game if you are a veteran and a better experience for any of you that have not.  

I will be jumping on to the our old stomping ground of the server EU miller each evening after work for about and hour or more.  On Saturday from 11am I would really like to get as many of you as I can on to this Free to Play Gigantic Strategy Game!  Join in massive movements of Armor, squadrons of Aircraft or brigades of infantry.


The Terran Republic has the fast and agile mosquito and the twin barreled prowler tank.  Our guns may not hit to hard but the enemy cant fire his weapon when hes ripped to shreds.  Working together 


 Through speed and hails of fire we will drown our enemies in seas of lead and fire.  Join up and show the wretched Xeno Scum and ill informed rebels our superiority so we can finally have peace and find our way home.  




Watch the Video below to get up to speed if your new to Planetside 2



Below is the inspiration for this thread!

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this game looks pretty cool i'm gonna try it out. but, are you locked into a single faction?


When I last played you could have one character per server and that character was locked to a faction.  On other servers you could have another character of a different faction.  I think they have changed this now.  I know your Characters cannot switch faction once created.  But its part of the fun to get into a faction and help it fight.





Glory to the Terra Republic the lawful Rulers of the Planet Auaxis, who's fine soldiers fight for your rights every day and to eliminate the Xeno threat!

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For the TR! *wait wrong game* 


Hell yeah :) I've wanted to play some more of this! I would love to see he they have balanced/changed all teh crap from release. 


Yeh now NC is king and the TR and Vanu have the weakest stuff :/ FML if thats the case,


I am sure the balance has only got better.  I know they have added more guns (unlockables) and increased the costs on Vehicals and lowered the cost of others.  They have also added more perks to being in a squad and using the Galaxy and Sunderers to get around as opposed to riding a quad bike and ramboing everything.

I have a few things to do tonight but I will be on before and afterwards.  If this goes well may add it into like a game night rotation or somthing.

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I dragged Brooksie back to EU Miller with the NC so crisis averted!  :D


There are some really nice changes, plus the NC don't feel so much like pansies any more, I'm not sure if they have changed anything but it feels much more balanced in terms of weapons fire power etc.


We'll have to try and set-up a team and just go munch on some TR scum :P

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So Yeh we should all get a Character who's New Conglomerate on Miller.

None of you guys are big Vanu fans then?   Personally think they are still the only sometimes OP faction the scythe and the "mag rider kick a lot of but"  The fact they have middle armour and the BEST maneuverability means they can move around anything that gets in the way?

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Boy, I haven't played planetside in so long.

I started off as Vanu because those fuckers are awesome, but I created an NC character and I like the NC way more.


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