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[AWE] Operation Burma Road, Friday 16/06/23 1800 UTC


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Op Burma Road


77th Indian Infantry Brigade (13th batallion king's regiment(Liverpool))
No, 2 group (northern), 5 column

Operation Longcloth



Server Details:


Port: 2302


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Mod Preset:

Op Burma Road (DLC).html (With SOG Prairie Fire DLC)

Op Burma Road (No DLC).html (With SOG Prairie Fire Compatabilty mod)



After blowing the Bonchaung Station railway bridge on March 06 and crossing the Irrawaddy three days later, 5 Column has been operating as the furthest East brtish troops for around a week. Infested with lice, short on food, and on incredibly low water rations, it is vital for the column to find a water source capable of watering all the men and mules in order to prepare for the march alongside no 3 column towards their next target, the Gokteik Gorge viaduct. Reports of evidence of recent japanese movement have also come in from clearance patrols scouting the area around the column bivouac. A request has come from Wingate to assault these discovered Japanese positions, clearing the area before the meeting with 3 cloumn.


It is proposed that the column moves to clear the Japanese positions at Brigade Hill and Boridi Village, before advancing on Brown river and securing the spring and area around Boridi Crossing for 3 and 5 columns to water all men and mules.



                        11. Withdrawal



Player slots:


HQ - 3 man HQ element

Able & Baker - 10 man Chindit Sections

Support Section - 3 man Machine gun or mortar element


Allied Forces:

Lead British forces of Column 5, under Major Bernard Fergusson


Enemy Forces:

Japanese fortified positions in the area.



No local civilian populace.



Assault and clear local identified Japanese positions to secure Column bivouac area.

Access and secure water source at Brown River for advancing friendly troops.



At the commander's discression.


Equipment, resupply and transport:

At commander's control.

movement through the jungle is all on foot, water and ammunition resuplies may be ferried by mule teams to cleared positions on request of commander.

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