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[AWE] Operation BASALT Friday 05/05/23 1800 UTC


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Operation Basalt



Server Details:


Port: 2302


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (may go over or under expected mission length)


Mod Preset:

Op_Basalt_Player_EM.html(plus normal optional mods)



Germans arrived on Sark on the 30th July 1940, and in the couple of years since have been slowly progressing their occupation. In general the Germans have been friendly, but with increasing restrictions on the locals, laying of mines, and the deportations of non native Men early last month, a small maquis group has formed and got in contact with British intelligence.


On the 1st October 1942, Y service stations across the south coast intercepted communications from German forces on Sark. These revealed that the German Fighter Ace Johann Aistleitner had crashed on the island, and is being hosted by the island's Oberstleutnant until the begining of the next week, when he woud be taken to Guernsey and on to occupied france via the ferry.


Learning of this opportunity the Special Operations Executive re-activated older plans for a small scale raid on the island, hastily updated to include cooperation with the local Partisans. Your maps have been updated with inteligence from the local Maquis group about german positions, accurate as of 24 hours ago.


It is now early evening on Saturday the 3rd, Phase 1 has been enacted, with a raiding party from 62 Commando deployed to the south of the island from an offshore Motor torpedo boat. The local resistance forces have gathered in a farmhouse, waiting to step off at 1800, H-Hour.


Player slots:


Able & Baker - 10 man commando subsections
Croix - 8 man Maquis group


Allied Forces:

British No 62 Commando (Small Scale Raiding Force)

local Maquis troops


Enemy Forces:

German garrison on Sark



There may be some civilians present in the town, as the German Curfew is currently lax.



Capture German Fighter Ace Johann Aistleitner from the garison in town.

Aquire any additional inteligence reasonably possible.



At the commander's discression.

Local Maquis forces have been stockpiling small amounts of equipment from the SOE over the past couple of years, so have a number of small stashes known to them around the island, as well as a radio for communications with the commando's CO.


Equipment, resupply and transport:

At commander's control.

Sark has no motor vehicles, so permission may been granted for troops to use bicycles or horses on the island for transport.

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