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[DCS] Task Force Cyprus - 08/04/2023 @ 18:00 UTC


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Task Force Cyrpus



We find ourselves apart of Task Force Cyprus, a force consisting of several nations put together to counter the rising terror threat of the Mediterranean Islamic Liberation Front in the Syria region.


Leadership of Task Force Cyrpus met at a hotel in Nicosia for a press conference to announce the formation of the task force to the world.


Approximately 10 minutes before the conference was slated to begin a suicide bomber arrived by bus outside the hotel and detonated his vest killing a number of soldiers on the security detail. It was clear the amount of explosive used would not cause any damage to the hotel or the leadership, as such our analysts have concluded this was likely the Mediterranean Islamic Liberation Front sending a message that they can operate anywhere anytime.


TF Cyprus leadership obviously wants to retaliate and have set in motion a plan to try and cut off the head of the Mediterranean Islamic Liberation Front operation Saabiq el-Farooqui. An intelligence agency of a member nation has been able place an agent in a position of an arms dealer and has drawn Saabiq el-Farooqui's top general Tareef al-Jafari out of hiding for an offer he could not resist in Lebanon.


However Lebanon has not agreed to allow TF Cyprus into their airspace for the operation and may try to intercept our flights once they enter their airspace, it is unknown if they are supportive of the terrorists or not.



We have been tasked with getting eyes on the meeting and observing the general without alerting him of our presence. Once the exchange has taken place we are to follow him back to his hideout and bomb it. Once his hideout has been destroyed helicopters are to land and inspect the remains on site in hopes of finding Saabiq el-Farooqui or any intel suggesting where he is.



Server Details:

Name: [Ahoyworld.net] EU1 


Port: 10308 

Running on Open Beta


Password: see #dcs-world channel on discord




Port: 5002


Required Mod/Map:

Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)

Install/setup guide: http://dcssimpleradio.com/gettingstarted/



TS Address:

Brief will take place in Ready room on TeamSpeak prior to start up.



Player slots:

x8 F/A-18C

x8 F-16

x2 A-10C II 

x2 Su-25T

x2 BS3

x2 AH-64D

x1 Observer ATC/GCI

x1 JTAC operator


(Other module slots can be requested up until Friday)


Respawn slots available.

- Jet respawn slots at bullseye


Targets & Threats


  • General Tareef al-Jafari 
  • Saabiq el-Farooqu 
  • Terrorist hideout


Required weapon employments


Air to Air & Air to ground Weapons of choice.


Restricted Weapons



Command, Control & Communication

Overall command may be taken by anyone on the day.

Flight leaders will be selected on the day.

Radio Channels can be found below. (SRS is required to play this mission)




(Carrier details can be found on in game brief)


Flight plan 

- To be discussed on the day.





Required Skills:

  1. Carrier Take off & Landing (Helicopters)
  2. Radio usage (setting and switching channels)
  3. Creating & editing waypoints


Optional Skills:

  1. Air to Air Refuelling
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