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[AWE] The Final Stand 07/04/2023 @ 1800 UTC


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The Final Stand



The year is 1986, the cold war has reached its boiling point. A combination of heavy western sanctions and a collapsing economy has forced the Soviet leaders to recoup one last time. Instead of a proxy war, the warmongering east pushed its armored brigades straight through the western front, announcing another war in the european theater.


NATO was quick on their feet, but although losing a lot of land to the south and in the north, they managed to pierce a hole straight through the center, using Germany as their access point. One country in particular was hit by the war. Czechoslovakia, being a neighbouring country to Germany, was the first to see a full scale invasion by both eastern pact and NATO forces. 


On the frontlines, crews from the 2nd Armoured Brigade saw first action as their M60s and M1A2s rolled straight into the heavily forrested and observed terrorities. After much relentless fighting on the frontlines, a squadron of tanks had been all but wiped as only a single crew had survived a 2 hour engagement. Battle damaged, alone and surrounded they await their faith.


Aware of this, 5th Special Forces Group iniated a daring operation to evacuate the lonesome crew, sending no army but only a couple of dozens men with no armor.



The Final Stand.html



- 5th Special Forces Group

    - Alpha Group

    - Bravo Group

- 2nd Armoured Brigade
    - M1A2 crew, callsign "Warhammer"

Eastern PACT

- Shitload of armor and mechanized infantry



This operation will be held behind the enemy frontlines. Logistics will be unavailable, support may be available upon request.

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