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Cold War Ahoyworld Gamenight Tuesday 21/March/2023


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Part Four: Autumn Forge Phase 1




Server Details:

Port: 2302


Mod Preset:


Global Mobilisation CDLC is Required or (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1776428269)

SOG Prairie Fire CDLC is Required or  (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2477276806)



Task Force Arrowhead (Beta!!!)

Zeus Enhanced



Ace Compat – GM

Ahoyworld Mod

Enhanced Movement

Global Mobilization Extra – TFAR Compatibility

Zeus Enhanced – Ace Compatibility

ACE Compat – SOG


CUP Terrains – Core

Rosche, Germany

Ace Compat RHSAFRF


Normal optional mods are whitelisted.


CDLC of Prairie Fire and Global Mobilisation are no longer required.  THe modset assumes you have them, if you don't see compatibility mods above 




Mission brief 19:00 UTC. 


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (including brief), (may go over or under expected mission length).


Player Slots:

20 + 1 Zeus



November 26th 1983

Following the successful withdrawal from Weferlingen the remains of Panzergrenadierbataillon 606 have moved the 100km North to Rosche.  Panzergrenadierbataillon 606 has been officially disbanded its remnants have been reformed into Task Force Wolfe in conjunction with American SF personnel. 


Warsaw Pact armoured and mechanised forces are currently moving trying to push deep into West Germany.  Soviet Forces have already occupied approximately 2/3 of the AO.  Mechanised infantry are currently consolidating ground in the towns of Jastorf, Masendorf, and Hanstedt.  The Main armoured push is coming from the town of Pieperhofen.


Task Force Wolfe’s objective is to blunt that armoured push and smash the teeth out of Soviet forces in the area. 


Area of NATO control is marked on map in blue.


Phase 1 operations are tasked with clearing the surrounding towns of the airfield including Ripdorf (north), Tatern (East), Klien Lidern (East),  and Gross Lidern  (East South East). The town of Halligdorf (South) and industrial complex (East) will also need to be secured during phase 1 operations.  This will not be completed in one night’s op.




Opposition forces indicate that there are approximately 1 armoured East German mechanised battalion in the region, with three companies split over the aforementioned towns.  The main push will be from a Russian armoured battalion.


Task force Wolfe is the only Friendly forces in the area.


Civilians are expected to have either evacuated or taking shelter in place.


Task Force Wolfe;


1x Rifle Squad (A. Panergrenadier)

Squad leader


5x Rifleman

1x Mg Gunner

2x AT Rifleman



Armoured Vehicle






Armoured Vehicle






4x Pilots.




3x Iltis Medical (Spawn Vehicle).

2x Iltis Mg3

2x Iltis LATGM

3x M1045A2 (TOW Humvee)

3x M1025A2 (.50cal Humvee)


1x Leopard 1A5

1x Fuchs Recon

7x M1A1 Abrams

4x M113AGM

2x M2A2 Bradley

1x M41A3 Walker Bulldog


3x UH-1D Slick

2x UH-1C Heavy Hog

2x UH-1C Hog

2xAH-1G Cobra

2x CH 47 Chinook

6x F-4 Phantom

2x A-10 Thunderbolt


These assets are to last the entire campaign, if you lose them they will not be returned.



Task Force Wolfe is to push NE from the Airfield and engage soviet T-72s and mechanised infantry pushing from the town of Pieperhofen. Their expected line of advance is along route 191.


Any other targets of opportunity are to be dealt with at operational commander’s discretion. 


CAS will be provided by Vortex and at the operational commander’s discretion.


Restraint in the annihilation of targets outside of urban environments is optional.



Respawn will be at ‘Mission Start’ spawn point.  Save your loadout for respawn by scroll wheel on the arsenal boxes.


Medical Iltis will serve as a mobile respawn and medical vehicle.


Reinserts (if needed) will be conducted by Vortex.


There are 3 repair, rearm, refuel points set up (shown below) at South West and 1 to the North East of the terminal building.




Aircraft payloads can be altered using the Master ARM scroll wheel function when close (20m) to one of the logistics trucks near the hangars.




Command and Control:

Operational command will be with Alpha Squad Leader.


Additional notes:

Last week you secured most of the assets from the REFORGER DEPOT.  Vehicles are listed above, additional gear items are as follows.



Frag vests.

US ERDL uniforms.

SAS uniforms.

Woodland BDUs.

M67 Helmets.

SOG backpacks

SOG Vests




M60 shorty


M16A1 (m203)

M4333 HEDP

C7A1 (with optics)


P1 9x19mm

MP2A1 (Uzi)

M136 (HEAT)


Throwable Dakka:

Incendiary grenades

Molotov Cocktails

White phosphorus grenades

CS gas grenades

Stun grenades

US Smoke Grenades.

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