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Cold War Ahoyworld Gamenight Tuesday 14/March/2023


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Part Four: Autumn Forge




Server Details:

Port: 2302


Mod Preset:


Global Mobilisation CDLC is Required

SOG Prairie Fire CDLC is Required OR Prairie Fire compat mod (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2477276806)

Normal optional mods are whitelisted.


This HTML assumes you have the CDLC




Mission brief 19:00 UTC. 


Expected Mission Length: 120+ minutes (including brief), (may go over or under expected mission length).


Player Slots:

20 + 1 Zeus


Previously on AW Panzergrenadier…


Following the Able Archer Exercise of 1983, the Soviets mistakenly believed it to be an invasion and launched a pre-emptive strike at the culmination of the exercise.  Recce Detachment, 606 Panzergrenadierbattaillon blew the bridges in their area of responsibility at Weferlingen.


Recce Detachment were tasked with crossing the Iron Curtain in search of Soviet rocket batteries that were harassing West German units, and securing/destroying a Bundeswehr weapons depot that was now in enemy hands.  Recce detachment engaged and destroyed a target of opportunity in the form of Soviet anti-air battery as well as disrupting bridging attempts.


The following day 606 Panzergrenadierbattaillon counterattacked over the border into East Germany, their objective was to blunt the Soviet push, Recce Detachment was to hold A. Coy. left flank and destroy enemy artillery assets in the area.


Recce Detachment proceeded to not only destroy the enemy artillery battery but also the HQ and most of the 23rd Mechanised Regiment, and supporting armour company, that they caught still forming up to counter A Coy.’s push.


This was the first 72 hours…



November 25th 1983

Following the unexpected success of the counter attack, Warsw Pact believed it to be a spearhead of a NATO offensive in the area.  Polish and East German troops launched a new offensive in the past 6 hours to blunt this major NATO push.


As a result, Panzergrenadierbataillon 606 has been badly mauled trying to hold the line, and is now below operational strength.  It is to be disbanded and folded into another battalion upon completion of the withdrawal.  The previous 3 days of fighting did blunt the Warsaw Pact attack but NATO is currently pulling units back from the Weferlingen area in the face of this new push.


The US 7th Army will replace Bundeswehr units in region.


The charge of the Recce Detachment is being known simply as ‘The Blutbad’ (Blood Bath) and are being credited with a 53:1 kill ratio.  Local reports have already began calling the Recce detachment the Wölfe von Weferlingen (Wolves of Weferlingen).  The 606 have specifically been requested by NATO command for this next operation.


The US and NATO have fully activated their plans for full Return of Forces to Germany, aka REFORGER.  With pre placed stockpiles of US war material all that was needed was for the personnel to use it.  The time for completion is 72 hours after a 24 hour activation period.  We are 48 hours into that period.


One such stockpile is located Grasleben, 3km from the new frontline.  These supplies must be evacuated or destroyed prior to NATO withdrawal from the area.  It is Mission Critical that no supplies fall into Soviet hands.


REFORGER ’83 will form a key part of the initial phase of the overall NATO counterattack, Operation Autumn Forge.



Opposition forces are unknown, a general offensive has begun across the lines with East German units leading the charge.  Reports of Polish paradrops around Barmke to the South have been received.  It is anticipated that this is an attempt to encircle NATO forces in the region.


Friendly forces are withdrawing from the area, the nearest stationary friendly position is Rhode.  It is holding the road open for the eventual withdrawal to Rosche in the North.


Panzergrenadierbataillon 606 A. and B. Coy will try and keep the jaws of this encirclement from closing for as long as possible, performing a fighting withdrawal to Rhode.  As such they have been given priority for all heavy assets in region and priority tasking for all support assets.


Recce (Task Force Wolfe) is to push South and secure Obj. Vulcan, they will be assisted by a detachment of US pilots (Vortex).  Once secure Vortex will ferry motor pool personnel to recover the vehicles and supplies. 


Wolfe are cleared to use any assets at Obj. Vulcan but (overlord discretion) within their respective roles.  Hansel and Gretel are cleared to use any armour assets.  Vortex are cleared to use any air assets.  Wolfe are cleared to use any motorised assets.


Once the REFORGER depot has been emptied or remaining vehicles and supplies destroyed, Wolfe will withdraw from the area by moving to the marked extract point.


Task Force Wolfe;


1x Rifle Squad (A. Panergrenadier)

Squad leader


5x Rifleman

1x Mg Gunner

2x AT Rifleman



Armoured Recon Vehicle






Armoured Recon Vehicle






4x Pilots.



1x Iltis Medical (Spawn Vehicle).

1x SpPz 2A1 armoured recon vehicle

1x Leopard 1A5

1x Fuchs Recon

2x UH-1D



Recce (Task Force Wolf) is to push South from Groß Twülpstedt and secure the REFORGER supplies compound (Obj. Vulcan) in Grasleben.  This stockpile belongs to the US 7th Army, specifically one of its armoured divisions.


Once secure Vortex will ferry US personnel from the FARP at Rhode to recover the vehicles and supplies.  The more supplies and vehicles secured the better.  Task Force Wolf only needs to be concerned with keeping the compound secure.


They are to hold the compound for as long as possible, any vehicles and supplies not able to be recovered are to be destroyed.


Any other targets of opportunity are to be dealt with at operational commander’s discretion. 


CAS will be provided by Vortex and at the operational commander’s discretion.



Initial respawn will be at ‘Mission Start’ spawn point.


Medical Iltis would serve as a mobile respawn and medical vehicle.  Should this be destroyed, respawn will be ‘Respawn After Mission Start’, with reinserts performed by vortex.


There are repair, rearm, refuel points set up (shown below) at Obj Vulcan and Rhode.  The village of Rhode has the FARP marked.



Command and Control:

Operational command will be with Alpha Squad Leader.


Notes on REFORGER Supply Depot:

As an aside, and out of full disclosure, any assets you secure will be added to the asset pool for the remainder of the campaign.  There will be no respawns of assets throughout this campaign.


The more supply trucks you secure will open up more arsenal options from next mission onwards.


Lastly, for those intel analysts, production dates, and the types of units that were in the region during this period are also considered, for the purpose of choosing assets in the depot.


Additional notes:

All vehicle crews and pilots are advanced engineers so as to repair vehicles


There are 4 pilot slots for a reason, Zeus reserves the right to limit this to two if other slots are not filled.  Vortex you will have the ability to sling load some of the vehicles at Obj. Vulcan as well as bring in more motor pool personnel.  There is deliberately not enough airframes at mission start due to airframes becoming available later in mission.


Due to having taken out all artillery positions and AAA, there will be no Soviet artillery support, or self-propelled AAA.


Due to having kept the bridges out of action, reinforcements take longer to arrive if arriving by road.


Having wiped out both East German and Polish HQs in the opening stages, no Russian units will be present.


Campaign Notes:

Resupply of assets in this campaign will be done through secondary objectives during missions and will be a mix of US and West German assets.  These will not be of the same quality or quantity during this mission.


Prairie Fire will be used for better aircraft *cough* f-4 phantoms next week *cough* and certain gear and vehicles.  For those wanting more Vietnam stuff, Midnight is the Vietnam master and I am not stepping on his toes.  This will be confined to the classic cold war thinking i.e. Armour in Europe.


Havoc I am sorry, I know you are doing Operation Reforged on Reforger.  REFORGER is literally the historical name for the operation of rushing troops into West Germany and was a regular exercise from 1967 until 1992.


You'll be facing 7.62 and not wearing body armour... if you don't use cover and get hit it will hurt.  Testing has also shown that clsoe range 7.62 is no joke with muiltiple wounds inflicted.

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