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[AWE] Operation Rising Phoenix Wednesday 1 Mar @ 1900 UTC


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Operation Rising Phoenix


Arma 3 Preset OperationRisingPhoenix.html



The next playthrough of ORP is here with new features and plenty of new ground to cover. It is taking the slot of the normal Frontlines Wednesday. We are remaining as the AMF on Lythium however our enemy has changed to keep things fresh and hopefully we'll have a look at some of the other missions on offer.


Current Map: 

- Lythium


Current BLUFOR Faction: 

- French Armed Forces

    - HQ, 3-man element

    - Alpha-Delta, 9-man rifle squads

    - Raptor/Spectre, 2-man aviation teams

    - Warpig/Black Widow, 3-man armor crews

    - FSG, 5-man weapons squad


Current OPFOR Faction:

- Karzeghistan Royal Guard


Command & Logistics

Overall command falls on the HQ element. Chain of command applies.



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