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Addition of HARMs



Hi all,

I've noticed AA sub/side objectives have a nasty habit of being ignored a lot by ground forces, making the Pilots' lives hell as they can't do their job and can't do anything about the AA.

My recommendation is the addition of HARM's to the CAP Black wasp (not available on stealth version) located on USS freedom. It would then be able to act as a joint CAP/SEAD (Suppression of enemy air defence) fighter that offers a high risk yet high reward solution to AA when no-one else is prepared to deal with them. 

CAP's role wouldn't be diminished either as you'd still have access to 2x BIMs and up to 10x AMRAAMs (though this could be scaled down for balance if needed). 

((Obligatory "sorry" for my 3rd post in a row))

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