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Uses of vehicle gear


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Hello everyone

I wish to propose an idea, I don't know if it's possible in any way.


The idea would be to allow every class to be able to use weapons that are in vehicles.
I have been some time in the mood/streak to finish all my weapons mags (no friendly fire, it's impressive) and a friendly vehicle is close.
In vecs inventory, there is always weapons but if you're not **insert class**, you can't use them, they vanishe if you try.

The weapons are the worst, but still, there is ammo to continue the fight...

What do you think about this?

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Something like this has already been implemented on EU#1, the idea being that generic infantry rifles/ammo can be used by all classes, so even if you're a Marksman you can pickup an MX since it's just a rifle.  You wouldn't be able to grab an auto rifle as that's not a generic infantry rifle and it's not part of your class.


Implemented for the same reason you mention, specialist classes running low on ammo and weren't able to loot a rifle off a dead friendly/enemy.

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