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AW end of the year awards 2022 RESULTS


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At long last the results are here. It was a fun year with plenty of memories.
I'm personally glad to be part of this community and look forward to another year of fun with you all!

Now, without further ado let's discuss the results!

AW MVP 2022: @Whigital

AW Most Friendly Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2022: @JJ Cakes

AW Most Helpful Admin/Moderator/Spartan 2022: @JJ Cakes

AW Most Active Staff Member 2022: @chicken_no6

AW Strictest Staff Member 2022: @MidnightRunner

AW Best Team Player 2022: @RiverWolf

AW Most Helpful Member *Non Staff* 2022: @Damo3D

AW Most Friendly Member 2022: @Damo3D

AW Tacti-cool member 2022: @TacticalError

AW Underrated Member 2022: So many different submissions they all deserve a mention! @Stanhope @Tiffany @JJ Cakes @GhostDragon @D_ARK0 @Murph

AW Most Incoherent Member 2022: @Walk'N

AW DAAASSS BOOOOT 2021 - The drunkest member of 2022: @RiverWolf

AW Best/Worst Pilot 2022: @Gambit, in both sense of the award.

AW Best Voice 2022: @Murph

AW Funniest Person on Team Speak 2022: @Murph

AW Worst Joke 2022: @LH5 and his Hi back must share first position with @Xwatt and his Moto for Platco

AW Best Moment 2022 (can be in-game, on Teamspeak or Forum):  The Ukraine fundraiser

AW Best Forum Post 2022 (please put URL in): The the Ukraine fundraiser

AW Dankest Meme Post on Discord 2022: No submissions/examples given

AW Best Driver 2022: @TacticalError

AW Worst Driver 2022: @TacticalError and @SiegeSix fight over the wheel of this award.

AW Best Fail 2022: @MidnightRunner and his Willy Pete incident

AW Best Ban of 2022: E-girl(?) Kittenly and their money begging

AW TeamSpeak Channel 2022: AFK channel

AW Best Screenshot 2022: No submissions/examples given

AW Best/Worst Call-out 2022: https://youtu.be/9gqPtjV_N7Q

AW Candidate for the Hague 2022: @Rickard and @Sho_Iwaizumi will both be on trail in a The Hague near you!

AW Role Model 2022: @chicken_no6

AW Best Shot/Worst 2022: The AI and @LH5 share the spot in being the worst shot.


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