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[AWE] Task Force Ahoy #4 SUNDAY 11/12/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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Task Force Ahoy - Ready to Rumble

Modset required

AW TF AW Campaign.html

No changes.



After assisting the rebels decommissioning an airbase, we've essentially eliminated QRF from the north. Additionally we've managed to secure some intel regarding the officer that trapped us, who seemingly seems to carry what we're looking for. Intel says he'll be at his HQ, but according to the rebels, that could be in either one of three places. We're gonna go knock on some doors and see whos home. If we manage to get our hands on the device we're looking for, we're leaving the island while the heat is on us.




- x4 Hunter team elements

- Rebels






Raid the three locations and locate the device.


Special Mission Specific Notes

- Rebel engineers has been able to scavenge PLA armored vehicles, these will be useable for us.

- Support may be available.

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