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[AWE] Task Force Ahoy #3 SUNDAY 04/12/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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Task Force Ahoy - Agents in Disguise

Modset required

AW TF AW Campaign.html

No changes.



After being rescued from a prison transport, we managed to get a tip on a rebel raid on the PLA. A failed attempt forced our hand at an attempt of our own. Gathering intel in the command building regarding an operation in a massive cave. A cave that housed an operation to make domestic portable nukes. The same nukes that required the very tool we're after. A rebel cell heard about our actions and came to pick us up. Residing at Camp Oden, they gave us a tip from a captured PLA officer regarding an FOB that has intel on the nuke shipments. Maybe that information will find the General's Chamber. However we've been forced to make a choice. Locate the nuclear warheads or help the rebels with an ulterior plan. Can't do both.




- x4 Hunter team elements

- Rebels






Infiltrate PLA FOB and locate the intelligence. Choose between nuclear warheads or helping the rebels attack an airbase.


Special Mission Specific Notes

- We'll be undercover - dressed as the enemy. PID your targets.

- The obvious path is not the easy path.

- No support available.

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