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[AWE] Task Force Ahoy #1 SUNDAY 20/11/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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Task Force Ahoy - Chinese Intervention

Modset required

AW TF AW Campaign.html



The world conflict has decended to invasions. Russia has invaded Ukraine, USA are seizing Greece, Germany and Japan and China... China just invaded an Albanian independent island; Saint Kapaulio, marking their entry into Europe. In the week after the invasion, a rebel alliance has been starting to shape up with no central command. We've worked through back channels in order to get in contact with of the cells. Since the chinese are listening to every channel and monitoring everyone entering or leaving the island, we have to enter the island undercover to meet the rebels.


Since we expect the device to be here, but don't know where, we need to scour the island for intelligence. Maybe the rebels can help us. While the rebels are civilians and could work as our allies, we cannot let them know of our true intentions. Remember we have to blend in. Gear up, get ready.



- x4 Hunter team elements

- Rebels






Link up with rebel cell at the harbor. 


Special Mission Specific Notes

- Dress up must reflect the idea of blending in.

- Our true intentions on the island may not be exposed.

- No support are available.

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