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[AWE] Task Force Ahoy Prologue Pt. 2 SUNDAY 06/11/2022 @ 19:00 UTC


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Task Force Ahoy - Prologue Pt. 2

Modset required

AW Task Force Ahoy (1).html



After finding out the militia screwed over the cyber guys and took the device, the device is now in the wild. Intel suggests the device may be enroute to Saint Kapaulio for a deal. 

At least we know where the package is heading. In the meantime we're stuck in the wrong country and without exfil options we must rely on militia connections... Let's hope none of them knows who we are.


Command has gotten in contact with a militia officer that seems to have exfil options, but he wants something in return. Afraid of how open the line is, he refused to list it on the phone and requested a meeting. We are to go find and talk to him about getting out of the country. In the meantime, we're laying low.



- x4 Hunter team elements



- Unknown

- Police



Meet with Militia officer and discuss leaving the country.


Special Mission Specific Notes

- You may not be exposed. ROE reflects this.

- Support may be available.

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  • SiegeSix changed the title to [AWE] Task Force Ahoy Prologue Pt. 2 SUNDAY 06/11/2022 @ 19:00 UTC

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