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[AWE] Task Force Ahoy Prologue Pt. 1 SUNDAY 23/10/2022 @ 18:00 UTC


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Task Force Ahoy - Prologue Pt. 1

Modset required

AW Task Force Ahoy.html



The world has escalated into conflict. China, Russia and USA is mobilizing and every country is in play. Each nation must thread carefully to avoid stepping on toes, which could result in all-out war. Knowing their stance, the majority of NATO countries has agreed to use their military power to defend their own and allied borders, however knowing the threat of what could come, the military intelligence agencies within has created a specialized task force, made of the very be-... made of soldiers to carry out missions with no liabilities.


A special military grade decrypting tool has been let loose. Its function is to decrypt military cyber defenses, leaving it vulnarable to hacking and interference. One such tool cannot be left in the hands of our enemies. Intelligence points to a trade being made in Georgia between a known cyber group and a militia group. We need to interdict the trade and get our hands on that tool.



- x4 Hunter team elements



- Unknown



Interdict the trade and acquire the tool.


Special Mission Specific Notes

- This mission is pure stealth. Something we're VERY good at.

- Your cover must NOT be blown. ROE and tactics must reflect this.

- No support are available.

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  • SiegeSix changed the title to [AWE] Task Force Ahoy Prologue Pt. 1 SUNDAY 23/10/2022 @ 18:00 UTC

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